We Are In This Together-Happy New Year!!

Aaw here we go!!! I would like to inspire each reader to stop right now and think about….what makes you dance, what makes you cry, what makes you want to shout and what makes you feel a feeling like no other. What is it today that you really want to do in life? What is it today that you really want to say to someone that could make all the difference…for the better! Who or what makes you sacrifice your needs and makes you feel like for the first time what you did really mattered!

Many of us are at a crossroad. We want to make a difference but we do not know how. We want better but we feel one step behind. And now with the New Year approaching some of us feel….5 steps behind and simply in the muck and the mire.

Today I tell you imagine a “you” that displayed “his” truth without fear. Competely uninhibited from shame. Intentionally and willingly taking each step toward a better tomorrow for yourself or on behalf of someone else. As we approach this New Year let’s start tearing down walls single mom, stand firm and full of faith unemployed, lose bitterness those that lack. Begin sharing, those that have. Just think how powerful individually then collectively we would be if we held on and displayed these truths…to simply live intertwined with others. Realizing we all need one another in some sort of way. Yes we all like to believe we have this thing called “life” down all by ourselves. We did all…all by ourselves!  The humble know, the road was paved before the journey began and we all are priviledged to travel it!

If your alive right now with some sanity – yes your priviledged. Especially since someone today will not make it through another day. Right now my mother would say, that is sad to speak about, and I would say that is how I wake up able to say ,”hello world”, how may I serve you, because I know tomorrow is not promised.

So I do my best to throw caution to the wind and live so full for me and those who struggle with fullness. My love is strong and that can scare those who don’t know pure love. My friendship is forebearing, which can be strange for those who friends have always left or just never had real friends at all. My passion is piercing… to the soul. For those who never dared or colored outside the lines or had permission to “be” – passion is not safe it is a liability. And I as someone whom embodies it all,love- friendship – passion, to name a few, I become one who stands with a few vs. many. Trust I am okay with that as long as I remind myself…girl, live your truth, this is who I am.

Have no regrets since there are no do- overs!

Who are you? what should you do to let the world know you are ready to make a difference. You are ready for change, you are ready to live and leave a legacy if you were to die today,  that would leave a road someone would want to travel on all because you dared and welcomed their possibility! Because you chose to throw caution to the wind and make a difference in your life and also theirs and even…mine!

Tip & Trade:

Someone you know is feeling so left out of the “circle”. call them, write them and give an expression of love that will shock them and make you fill like you just won the gold!!! I promise. they will be different because you were!

With love


Happy New Year!


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