Hello World! How may I serve you?

There just comes a time or moment in your life when you decide to be part of the solution or part of the problem. This is what I recently told an associate of mine whom I felt was being a very toxic individual. I listened to their very negligent as well as negative verbiage and I thought wow, what is going on in “your” life that makes you comfortable with spewing out such pessimism? I mean we are living in stressful times….still. When do you, I , we, make a conscious decision to say right now I am going to wake up and say “Hello World” how may I serve you today!

It was “back in the day” in my physics class where I heard my teacher say repeatedly a GFSS, a good feeling of self satisfaction. That is what I will now reiterate here – make someone’s day today which inadvertently allows you to have a GFSS, a Good Feeling of Self Satisfaction. Trust me on this. Get out of your own usual way of being stubborn, selfish, uncaring, stingy, rude, arrogant, neglectful, disconnected, distant, tight-fisted, close-minded, intollerable, unsympathetic, self-centered and just down right mean, to name a few. Realize more than likely if you display one or more of these characteristics on a daily basis I believe there is a synergy that is desperatley missing out of your life yet deep in your soul crawling to come out. But due to fear, familiarity and comfort to such, it dappens all the wonderful possibilities of the opposite of each.

I am never surprised when I am stopped by my random audience and a deep story ensues of their life or daily living. I have already assessed more than not that all this person needed was an unconditional heart to listen to what they needed to say, a hug that gave a sense of comfort if only for that short time, a compliment they’ve been missing that allowed them to feel confident as well as restored, a smile. That kind of smile that makes one feel that an Angel was sent especially for you in that very moment and in that moment you realized, your days are worth it….in spite of.

Hello World, how may I serve you is my guide for “our” daily living and I would love for you to join me to practice having, giving and receiving a GFSS (Good Feeling of Self Satisfaction) to our fellow human beings and it dosen’t have to cost much but time, effort and a willingness to again, get out of our own way.

Let me give this sidebar before moving forward. Life dosen’t always seem fair and the players in the game, i.e us, don’t play fair as well. Have an open mind with what I am about to say. Many many times show me an ungrateful, lying, cheating, evil spirit and I see someone in poor health, wealth and spirit. Okay I will be a little more specific with you.Inregards to all the above mentioned adjectives, Parents, when we become elderly or unmanageable the children decide a home away from home is the best place for you. Still keeping in mind the above mentioned adjectives, in Relationships, we become single and stay that way not necessarily by choice. In jobs, simply cannot maintain well or contribute to a healthy work environment. Now with all things relative I am just saying I can walk into to someone’s world as well as living in my own and say, hmm maybe just maybe a little remake, redo, reinvent, makeover won’t be such a bad idea. Then loneliness may leave your room, prosperity may become a pleasant surprise, family well aprreciated, life worth every moment living, love worth having even through its growing pains, jobs your willing to apply for because afterall, you got a new attitude!

So are you ready?

Tomorrow I want you to test yourself and stretch yourself then contact me here to tell me/us all about it. Remember nothing negative can be said only if through an observation or awareness that allowed you to emerge to your “Hello World” how may I serve you, journey

How to start?

The moment you realize you are alive then your eyes open I want you to say, Thank you!
-If there are people in your presence you are to say, Good morning!
-You are going to go to the mirror and stare deeply with the thankfulness carried with you (don’t be surprised if a tear falls) and you are going to speak with confidence and on purpose saying, I love you, I forgive you, I matter and so do they. Whomever that “they” is
that you know you hurt, harmed or simply ignored.
-You will realize a stranger will need this same adulation, care or concern because this is really where that GFSS will kick in.
-You will take a beat and pause just like President Obama did in which I felt was a most “priceless” moment his “Hello World” moment when he just had to turn around a get one last look.
Get a good look at the foundation you are allowed to stand on, the air you are allowed to breathe. The flower you can smell, the person you can touch, the movements of cars and people going to and fro you are able to see. The love you are able to experience-of a child, a mate, a pet, a career, a goal accomplished, a wish come true
-pause take your beat look out right now and let the moment be the moment not one minute more. Make it precious, make it memorable, cherish it, then continue on knowing this could be all I have but with my new found perspective…I doubt it!
-and so the next day will be our new day for another day of “Hello World”, how may I serve you. It becomes a dish we keep on passing around till we fill plates of joy for ourselves and others alike!

Don’t forget we are in this together. Today I walked 3 miles…with a smile all the way! I had many smiles back. Hello World!!!!

Love you