Author Lionel Rolfe

Lionel Rolfe, journalist and author of such works as Literary L.A and The Menuhins, A Family Odyssey is having a publication party for his recent book, The Misadventures of Ari Mendelsohn, A Mostly True Memoir of California Journalism. You can join Author Lionel Rolfe at Starlight books 1818 N.Vermont ave in the city of Los Angeles ( silver lake/Hollywood-Los Feliz… Read more →

Hello World! How may I serve you?

There just comes a time or moment in your life when you decide to be part of the solution or part of the problem. This is what I recently told an associate of mine whom I felt was being a very toxic individual. I listened to their very negligent as well as negative verbiage and I thought wow, what is… Read more →

We Are In This Together-Happy New Year!!

Aaw here we go!!! I would like to inspire each reader to stop right now and think about….what makes you dance, what makes you cry, what makes you want to shout and what makes you feel a feeling like no other. What is it today that you really want to do in life? What is it today that you really… Read more →

New Beginnings!

A friend stopped me as she saw me enter into a store. The conversation we had took on a life of its own. An hour later we were able to bottom line some issues she was heavily concerned with. How does she live positively when at home life is so negative? She desired some guidance and asked to “show her the way”. Here… Read more →

Your Moment Is Now

In the last few weeks I have heard stories in the news and or among people regarding pain and suffering being inflicted on others.  A beating of a homeless person, a childs death at the hand of their parent or guardian. A woman at the displeasure of her man. But also there is a man who jumped from a building, disappeared… Read more →

A Sweet Encounter

I had an amazing disappointment a few days ago but let me tell you about this right now. While I am perusing this wood bench with a big “free” sign on it, a neighbor pulled over to view as well. In the midst of discussing the bench and both of us realizing we probably didn’t have a real useful need… Read more →

Share a Slice of Your Summer

With the close of another school year, for those with the traditional school track, and summer planning taking place for families and their school age children, I want share some nuggets of truths. I recently spent time passing out food to homeless families. What stuck with me most were the faces of children going through the food and clothing line… Read more →

Im Back!

Sorry for the delay but more blogs are coming soon.  Thanks for your patience and thank you for tuning in. Teal Read more →

Straight Talk With Teal!-Making it! Single Person/Parent

In these challenging times so many of us have had to change “our ways” of  doing things. It could mean something as simple as brown bag lunch v purchasing lunch or mid octane fuel v supreme octane fuel. I didn’t want to add the numbers in case I listed them wrong..ok heck why not 89 v 92…I think. But you… Read more →