Raised in the Midwest, Teal, with a multi-cultural background of African American and German Jewish descent, is an exceptional talent whose credits include film, television, and theatre.  Although Teal has appeared in guest starring and feature roles in such shows as “Good News”, “Martin”, “Kraa”, to name a few, her biggest break came in a four season run on the award winning “The Kenan & Kel Show” as Sheryl Rockmore (Kenan’s mom) on the Nickelodeon Network.

As long as most can remember, Teal, the youngest of three daughters, made responsible decisions at an early age.  By age 14, she decided that a more metropolitan environment would suit her worldly aspirations for education, recognition, and advancement.  With her parents’ permission, Teal moved from Lansing to Detroit to live with her aunt.

At 15, a junior in high school, Teal was attracted to Radio & TV broadcasting class.  Outgoing and energetic from the beginning, she was a “natural” and it was her then teacher and program director of WHPR who convinced her to consider a career in the media.  (Teal originally planned to pursue a career in psychology or law).  Through her merit and his support, Teal was able to obtain significant broadcasting experience at WHPR, WGPR Radio/TV, and WCHB radio-Inkster.  In addition, Teal color- commentated live men’s basketball games, affording her the opportunity to host a live impromptu interview with the legendary Stevie Wonder, which she later authored and released to the press.  Upon graduation, Teal entered into California State Los Angeles where she majored in communications.

Teal’s innate ability and talent afforded her many opportunities to develop her craft, resulting in on-camera credits, as well as performing on stage to sold out audiences across America in the hit comedy play “Beauty Shop” as Terry Fuller (the owner).

In constant contact with fans, Teal soon began to get involved with issues dear to her heart, such as abused and neglected children.  While on many visits to her hometown of Lansing, Teal accepted several speaking engagements.  During one engagement, as keynote speaker, with no speech prepared, Teal went into a corner, prayed, and then approached the podium.  She spoke with fortitude and dedication for a “not yet” revealed mission, rousing the enthusiasm and approval of the teenage audience.  This resulted in the birth of “Teen Quest”, a sixty minute teen talk show on everyday life and style.  This led to a Producers Award for Teal and her “Teen Quest” crew.  Recently, Teal received an email from one of the show’s former teens, thanking her and the show for giving him a confidence he still holds now as a young adult male.

Despite the fact that Teal could use her talent in a multitude of ways, whether appearing in another show, or appearing in another stage performance, Teal continues to join forces with others to make life better for kids who need hands-on help.  In addition to supporting Athletes and Entertainers for kids, Teal currently and passionately serves with Friends of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Los Angeles, the fundraising arm that supports the CASA organization, and even served as a special advocate, representing the best interests of children in the foster care system.

Whether Teal works in front of or behind the scenes in television, theatre, films, journalism, radio, or as an activist, she brings dedication and joy with her.  She knows her career is challenging, especially when one wants to sustain in it, but she values her early discipline as an athlete (basketball) and musician (tenor saxophone) for giving her the tenacity, endurance and overall “True Grit” that keeps her forging on.